Welcome current SJSU and prospective students! In pursuit of our mission to increase access to education, We are excited to offer a program called “High Demand Courses ”. The goal of this program is to provide courses SJSU students need to progress in their educational goals (e.g., to graduate, to apply for their major, to attain mastery in a specific domain required for degree progression, etc.). These "High Demand" courses could include:

  • courses that cannot sufficiently accommodate all students wanting or needing to take them in the regular term.
  • general education that cannot be offered or supported during the regular session for various reasons (e.g., scheduling conflicts, unavailability of resources, etc.).
  • courses students need to graduate in that term.

 Quick Information for Spring 2017

Tuition: $350 per unit (e.g., a 3-unit course will cost $1050)

  • Term Dates: 3/13 - 5/26 
  • Registration window: 2/24 - 3/13 
  • Student will not be automatically dropped (un-enrolled) from course(s) for non-payment. Student is responsible for officially dropping course(s).

Spring 2017 High Demand Courses (March 13 - May 26)


February 2017


Wed, Feb 22

  • Enrollment Census Date for Spring 2017

Thu, Feb 23

  • List of courses available

Fri, Feb 24

  • High Demand Course registration begins

March 2017

Sun, Mar 12
  • 100% refund for students who drop a class prior to the first day of the session

Mon, Mar 13

  • First day of Instruction

Mon - Sun, 
Mar 13 - Mar 18

  • 90% refund for students who drop during the first week of class

Mon, Mar 13

  •  High Demand Course registration ends.
  • Last day to drop through MySJSU without a "W" grade
  • 0% refund for students who drop from this day on

Sun, Mar 19

  • Last day to pay tution

Mon - Fri, 
Mar 27 - Mar 31

  • Spring Break

May 2017


Fri, May 12

  • Last day to Drop High Demand Courses Course from Semester using the Petition for Course Drop Form.

Fri, May 26

  • Classes end

Tue - Fri,
May 23- May 26

  • Final exams

Tue, May 30

  • Grades due from faculty (Preliminary Deadline)

Wed, May 31

  • Initial Spring 2017 grades viewable on MySJSU

Mon, Jun 5

  • Grades Due from Faculty (Final Deadline). Grade Roster will be Closed at 11:59pm

Mon, Jun 12

  • Academic Standing viewable on MySJSU


Course List

To view a list of available courses, visit the Courses page

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