Transition from 16 to 10 weeks

Below highlights the process for transitioning from a 16 week in-class/hybrid session to a 10 week fully online session. 

Start with the structure

Make concrete decisions and stick to them

  • Text as central resource or supplemental?
  • Synchronous weekly class meetings? Recorded?
  • Consider at least 1 synchronous meeting for orientation at the beginning of the semester and 1 synchronous meeting before each exam.
  • Asynchronous video lectures on each topic?
  • Incorporate ungraded student self-assessment work?
  • Group work?

Create/locate all course resources

  • Asynchronous lectures
  • Self-assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Assignments/activities (e.g. papers, projects)
  • Readings 

Import/build/develop course resources in LMS

  • Upload page (pdf) with links to asynchronous lectures (voice over powerpoint)
  • Self-assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Upload instruction page(s) [pdf] for each assignment/activities
  • Upload (pdf) or build page with links to all readings 

Create contents page in LMS - point of departure for all course work

  • Structure: weekly. Include a page with details on readings, and a page with details on activities/assignments for each week. Keep the pattern the same for each week. 

Create discussion board(s) in LMS

  • Minimally 1 open Q & A discussion board
  • If group work planned, a discussion board for each group
  • If special projects planned, a discussion board for Q & A pertaining to special projects
  • To facilitate and maintain engagement it is recommended that there be something along the lines of a QFR (questions for reflection) discussion board. Instructor posts QFR for the week (on whatever topic is planned for the week) and students respond to that post as well as other students’ posts.

Develop grade book in LMS

  • Minimally, every major course component is included in the gradebook
  • Make sure set up matches assessment plan for determining overall grade (e.g. total points; weighted components)
  • Note: it is fine to determine final course grade without using LMS. For example, download gradebook data, compute final course grade, then type in a final course grade in the LMS gradebook.