Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

We also offer financial support to instructors who want to develop and teach an online course in any of our special session programs (new/proposed or existing) or in summer intersession.

$5000 Online Course Development Grant for Golden Four Courses NEW

We are pleased to announce a new faculty grant program to support the conversion of Golden Four (G4) courses to an online format.  Faculty who are selected for this program will receive a $5,000 grant.  They will work with Spartans Online to convert their face-to-face or hybrid course to a fully online format.  Spartans Online will provide all necessary instructional design and support services to faculty. 

In its first program year, we expect to award this grant to 25 faculty members. The first set of awardees will design and develop their courses starting February 2014 and teach it the following summer session (June 2014). 

Courses that comprise of the G4 areas are core GE requirements for SJSU students.  In addition, these courses are required for students to transfer into SJSU. Thus, it is important to provide additional access to these courses so that current SJSU students as well as potential students (from community colleges or international community) can progress towards their degree goals.  Offering these courses online through intersession or special session is a way to increase access.

The following is a list of G4 courses:

Course Number (GE Area) Course Name Department College
Oral Communication (A1)      
COMM 020 Public Speaking Communication Studies Social Science
COMM 20N Public Speaking for Non-Native Speakers Communication Studies Social Science
COMM 40 Argumentation & Advocacy Communication Studies Social Science
COMM 96PS Public Speaking Communication Studies Social Science
HUM 001A-B Background of Western Culture & Society Various Humanities & Arts
HUM 002A-B Modern Culture & Social Institutions Various Humanities & Arts
MAS 074 Public Address Mexican American Studies Social Science
Written Communication (A2)      
ENGL 001A Composition I English Humanities & Arts
HUM 001A-B Background of Western Culture & Society Various Humanities & Arts
HUM 002A-B Modern Culture & Social Institutions Various Humanities & Arts
Critical Thinking (A3)      
COMM 041 Critical Decision Making Communication Studies Social Science
ENGL 007 Critical Thinking English Humanities & Arts
HIST 050 Historical Process: Understanding Historical Reasoning History Social Science
HUM 001A-B Background of Western Culture & Society Various Humanities & Arts
HUM 002A-B Modern Culture & Social Institutions Various Humanities & Arts
LING 021 Language & Thinking Linguistics & Language Development Humanities & Arts
PHIL 057 Logic & Critical Reasoning Philosophy Humanities & Arts
POLS 020 Controversial Legal Issues Political Science Social Science
Mathematical Concepts (B4)      
HS 067 Introductory Health Statistics Health Science & Recreation Applied Science & Arts
MATH 008 College Algebra Mathematics Science
MATH 010 Mathematics for General Education Mathematics Science
MATH 012 Number Systems Mathematics Science
MATH 019 Precalculus Mathematics Science
MATH 030 Calculus I Mathematics Science
MATH 030P Calculus I with Precalculus Mathematics Science
PHIL 009 Math & Logic for General Education Philosophy Humanities & Arts
SOCI/SOCS 015 Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences Sociology Social Science
STAT 095 Elementary Statistics Mathematics Science


For faculty interested in this grant, we ask that you provide your information on the Google spreadsheet (name, department/college, contact information, and proposed course information).  We will contact you to let you know about the upcoming informational sessions and provide more details of the program (including the proposal requirements and deadlines).  We also recommend that interested faculty consult with their department chair and dean to ensure that the online course development is supported by the department and college; and that the course, if selected, will be approved to be offered during summer session and/or special session. 

Contact Nami Shukla, Interim Associate Dean of Spartans Online ( or 4-2627) if you have any immediate questions. 


Online Course Development Grant

We currently offer a $2000 grant to faculty to develop online courses. For more details and to apply, please review the Online Course Development GrantOnline Course Development RubricMOU template, and progress report template for this grant. 

Recent Grant Recipients

Mary Pffenroth Biological Sciences Science BIOL 010: The Living World (GE Area B2) Summer 2012
Laura Guardino History Social Science HIST 20B: History of the American People Fall 2012
Ferdinand Rivera Mathematics  Science MATH 106: Intuitive Geometry Fall 2012
Grant Recipients Department College  Course Number & Title Semester/Year Online Course Taught
Camille Johnson  Organization & Management Business BUS3 160: Fundamentals of Management & Organizational Behavior Spring 2013
Michael Merz Marketing & Decision Sciences Business BUS2 130: Introduction to Marketing  Spring 2013
Toni Campbell Child & Adolescent Development Education CHAD 106: Concepts of Childhood (GE Area V) Spring 2013
Sociology Social Sciences SOCI 101: Social Theory (major requirement) Spring 2013
Monique Duphily Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Applied Sciences & Arts HRTM 10: Creating a Meaningful Life (GE Area E) Summer 2012