2014 Summer Session Online Courses

Summer Session offered course online to help students get ahead or lighten their Fall semester course load. For a list of online courses, please visit the Summers Session Online Course Schedule (PDF) or the Summer Session website for classes with mode WW.

Spring 2014: "High Demand Courses Online" Program 

Spartans Online offers courses through a program called “High Demand Courses Online”. The goal of this program is to provide courses SJSU students need to progress in their educational goals (e.g., to graduate, to apply for their major, to attain mastery in a specific domain required for degree progression, etc.). These classes will run from March 11 - May 16 (10 weeks). Please see below for more information on registration dates, list of class offerings, etc.

Relevant Documents for Fall 2013 Registration
Student FAQ for the High Demand Courses Online Program
Student Check-Off List
Student Information Sheet 
Excess Units Petition
Financial Petition Form
Open University Registration Form

Quick Information for Spring 2014 Program 

  • Tuition: $350 per unit (e.g., a 3-unit course will cost $1050)
  • Term Dates: 3/11-5/16 (see the list above for the Spring 2014 student schedule)
  • Registration window: 2/25-3/18 
  • Student will not be automatically dropped (un-enrolled) from course(s) for non-payment. Student is responsible for officially dropping course(s)

Spring 2014 Calendar

February  25 Registration begins for Spring 2014 classes
March  10 100% refund for students who drop class prior to the first day of the session 
  11 First day of instructions - classes begin

90% refund for students who drop after the first day of instruction

  18 Spartans Online registration ends
  18 Last day to drop through MySJSU
  18 Last day to drop without a "W" grade 
  18 Last day to pay tuition 
  19 0% refund for students who drop after the last day to register
May 16 Last day of instruction - classes end
  19-21    Final Exams

Spring 2014 Class List

Course Name & Number

Course Description


Class Number  Credits  Instructor Name & Email 

BUS3 80 Legal Environment in Business

Understand the judicial system and the role of law. Gain knowledge in purchasing, contracting, and administering a business as it impacts the firm’s constituencies and society. This is a major requirement. See course syllabus for more information.

 10  30508 3 credits Nanette Clinch

BUS2 90 Business Statistics

Understand theory and application of data and its value. Good course for those who are interested in probability as a measure of uncertainty and hypothesis testing. This is a major requirement. See course syllabus for more information.

 10  30562 3 credits Xu Yang

BUS4 91L Computer Tools for Business

Review computer hardware and software concepts and common operating system functions and learn about the use of microcomputer-based word processing, presentation graphics and spreadsheet productivity tools. This is a major requirement. See course syllabus for more information.

 10  30510 1 credit Mike Splane

BUS3 187 Global Dimensions of Business

Provides an overview of economic, social, cultural, and political factors influencing crossborder business. This course also introduces international dimensions of business functions and operations. This is a major requirement. See course syllabus for more information.

 10  30509 3 credits Asbjorn Osland

CHAD 106 Concepts of Childhood

Explore the meaning of childhood to people of differing times and of differing cultures. Great course for those interested in pursuing a career in child development. Meets Area V General Education requirements. See course syllabus for more information.   10  30443 3 credits Robin Love

GEOL 105 General Oceanography

Carry out a scientific examination of the impact of oceans on global society, and human impacts on the oceans, through classroom discussions, computer exercises and field trips. Meets Area R General Education requirements. See course syllabus for more information. 

 10  30532 3 credits Don Reed

For more information about future online course offering through special session, please contact Spartans Online at 408.924.2670 or email