Spring 2016 High Demand Courses Online Course List

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Spartans Online offers courses through a program called "High Demand Courses Online". The goal of this program is to provide courses SJSU students need to progress in their educational goals (e.g., to graduate, to apply for their major, to attain mastery in a specific domain required for degree progression, etc.). These classes begin after the Census date each semester.

Course  Course Description Section Class # Credits Instructor
BUS2 90

Business Statistics

In terms of theory and application: collection and presentation of data; measures of central values and spread; probability as a measure of uncertainty; sampling and sampling distribution of the sample mean; confidence intervals; hypothesis testing; regression and correlation. This is a major requirement.

25 29971 3 Ann Kalinowski
BUS2 190

Quantitative Business Analysis

Description Quantitative models and computer software used in business decision-making. Studies of network and transportation models, linear programming, CPM/PERT project analysis, decision analysis, simulation and other techniques used in management science applications. This is a major requirement.

25 29976 3 Ann Kalinowski
BUS5 187

Global Dimenions of Business

An integrative interdisciplinary foundation for more specialized courses and self-directed learning. Provides an overview of economic, social, cultural and political/legal forces and factors influencing crossborder business and an introduction to international dimensions of business functions and operations. This is a major requirement.

25 29972 3 Asbjorn Osland
CHAD 106

Concepts of Child

Explores the historical diversity in the ways in which childhood has been defined; investigates diverse cultural definitions of childhood; examines the impacts of those beliefs and definitions on human development. Meets Area V General Education requirements.

25 29973 3 Robin Love

Media and Culture

Application of critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills in the analysis of media representations of culture. Practice in reasoning, advocating ideas, researching and evaluating arguments, developing well supported factual conclusions, and engaging in meaningful dialogue on diverse issues. Meets Area A3 General Education requirements.

25 29966 3 Gina Firenzi

Writing Workshop

Current conventions and forms of exposition, argument and persuasion. Writing for the general and specialized audience from the thesis statement approach. Meets Area Z General Education requirements.

25 29969 3 Brohne Lawhorne

Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

Allocation of resources and distribution of income as affected by the workings of the price system and by government policies. Meets Area D1 General Education requirements.

4 Robert Ragan
GEOL 105

General Oceanography

Scientific examination of the impact of oceans on global society, and human impacts on the oceans, through classroom discussions, computer exercises and field trips. Meets Area R General Education requirements.

25 29978 3 Don Reed

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